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A football mastermind: Mainz 05 pays tribute to coaching legend


In future, the home of Mainz 05 will be called WOLFGANG FRANK CAMPUS at Bruchweg. On Tuesday, the eighth anniversary of the death of its former coach, the Bundesliga football club re-christened the area of the Bruchweg stadium with the training ground of the players and the youth development centre.

In doing so, the club is paying tribute to the outstanding services of the football coach, who was a pioneer in German football and brought the four-man backline into German professional football. He decisively shaped Mainz 05 during his two coaching periods from 1995 to 1997 and 1998 to 2000, influencing an entire generation of players from which, among others, Jürgen Klopp developed as one of the most renowned German coaches of the moment.

His work in Mainz is unforgotten

"Wolfgang Frank shaped Mainz 05 like no other coach before him. He had the vision, the expertise and the courage to instil a new idea of football into our team, which had fallen to the bottom of the Second Bundesliga table in the winter of 1995 - at a time when back four and pressing were still almost foreign words in German football. He was one of the pioneers in German football and led our team as the best team in the second half of the season to a sensational stay in the league. He also established a new spirit in the entire club that later formed the basis for our path to the Bundesliga," says Stefan Hofmann, club and board chairman. "His work in Mainz is unforgotten. In his honour, we now call our tradition-rich grounds around our Bruchweg stadium WOLFGANG FRANK CAMPUS at Bruchweg. This is a place where we make much out of little, where we dare to think big, where we put all our energy into the development of our football. We are happy that we can now implement this idea thanks to the support of our partner URANO."

He was a mastermind, a driver, a motivator

Sporting director Christian Heidel, who once hired Wolfgang Frank as coach, says: "Wolfgang Frank was a football maniac in the positive sense of the word, he lived football from early in the morning until late at night. He was a mastermind, a driving force, a motivator who consistently followed his idea of football and had the gift of being able to emotionally carry away the team and those around him. He was the first person in Mainz to talk about the Bundesliga and a new stadium. He influenced many people who worked with him in Mainz. He changed the way we think about football and anchored the vision in the club to think bigger than we were used to. Wolfgang Frank gave me a lot for my life. He was my friend and I am very sorry that he was denied the promotion of Mainz 05 as a coach and that he unfortunately left us far too early. It is therefore important to us to remember him and his achievements for Mainz 05.