Pros 22.10.2019 — 18:02 Uhr

Trust as a base

In the presence of 653 members, including coaching staff and the Bundesliga players, the 1. FSV Mainz 05 general meeting took place in the OPEL ARENA.

The Mainz 05 general meeting covered a range of club issues.

The key statements from the Executive Board and Supervisory Board at a glance:

Stefan Hofmann, club chairman and the board of management, said: “Mainz 05 is on the right path. We are in the process of creating structures at all levels, both sporting and administrative, that will provide the framework for success, which will consequently increase sporting success. Nevertheless, we have to realise that things do not always go to plan, and there may be developments in football that throw up new challenges. Our start to the season has been disappointing on and off the pitch. This is not nice for us as a club, but we have to face this challenge. We need to work through the tasks assigned to us rigorously in the Mainz way: self-critical, but remaining prudent, and oriented towards factual analyses with a full focus on football. Then we will improve soon.”  

Rediscovering our sense of unity

Sporting director Rouven Schröder said in his speech: “We can look back on a very successful season, in which we finished 15 points clear of the relegation places. We have developed our junior players, and some have integrated into the first team. We have invested in the team, the sporting structure, and our own infrastructure,” said Schröder. “The season as a whole, but especially the team’s performance over the last couple of days last season gives us the desire to replicate these performances. Unfortunately, football doesn’t always work as desired, but we had to survive a losing streak last season too. We did that with clarity, trust and hard work. It is clear enough now to us that we will not be able to prolong our stay in the Bundesliga if we play like we played against Düsseldorf on Saturday. But I am convinced we will succeed because we know how to tackle things. The basis for this, however, is trust. We are all challenged in this difficult time but we need to rediscover our sense of unity from last season.”

The commercial director Dr. Jan Lehmann said: “We look back on a financial year with impressive figures for the club, which we used to reinvest into the sport and to increase the level of professionalism here at the club. The annual increase is mainly due to increased transfer fees and is put into perspective when one considers that we are considerably below the Bundesliga average in terms of investing in our first-team squad.” In his report, Lehmann referred to the intensive marketing activities such as the Mainz carnival, the club design and typography, the season motto, as well as the introduction of the so-called 11-ticket in ticketing. “We want to continue to hone our profile as a family-friendly club that’s rooted in the region with a clear attitude and have taken many systematic measures in support of this purpose.” 

Supervisory Board Chairman Detlev Höhne commented: “After a first year of orientation and information, in the second year, we, the Supervisory Board, followed the path of further professionalisation and full concentration together with the Executive Board. We will seek to lead the club according to these profitable principles. We see the example made by so-called traditional clubs, where the path can lead, if you leave this principle and the investors were to pull out,” said Höhne. “In addition to our work as an economic controlling part of the association, we have a focus on compliance and transparency. We can say today that Mainz 05 follows the same rules in this area as commercial companies of comparable size.”

The chairman of the supervisory board referred in his remarks also to the clear positioning of the club on the question of maintaining the 50+1 rule and its initiative supported by the Board of an exchange between the supervisory boards of all Bundesliga clubs, which should be expanded in the future.