Pros 19.03.2022 — 20:45 Uhr

"Today was a huge weight off my shoulders"

Reaction to the win over Bielefeld

The Zerofivers celebrated on Saturday afternoon after they earned their joint-biggest win of the season (along with a 4-0 victory against Hertha). It was an all-round successful day for Mainz, both on the pitch and off it. Just before kick-off, goalkeeper Robin Zentner extended his contract with the club. 

Jonny Burkardt: “Scoring again today was a huge weight off my shoulders. The early lead made things a lot easier for us. As a striker, it was obviously a concern that I hadn’t scored for such a long time. Nevertheless, I should have got three goals today. I am grateful that the captain let me take the second penalty. He makes the decisions. Moussa is the boss because he is our captain." 

Robin Zentner: “It was a perfect day in front of a packed stadium. The second half was especially good because we were in their box a lot and it wasn’t a coincidence that we were awarded the penalties. The result is well-deserved because we played so well and dominated until the final whistle. I am delighted about my contract extension. The club means a lot to me because we have been through so much together. The recent developments have been so positive and today was really fitting."

Leandro Barreiro: “Winning two penalties isn’t something that you do every day and I’m really happy they were both scored. When I came onto the pitch I wanted to give it everything and really have an impact on the game. Everyone wants to play and the only thing you can do is perform. We knew that it was an important match today and now we can celebrate the win and be satisfied going into the international break.” 

Martin Schmidt: "I have never experienced three penalties being scored in a game before. Leo won two of them through sheer determination. It feels good today and regardless of the penalties, it was a great performance. We are delighted that Jonny got a brace and when he came off he breathed a huge sigh of relief. Every striker needs goals! Karim Onisiwo also put in a strong performance."