Pros 13.07.2022 — 21:23 Uhr

The perfect place for hard work

Mainz have arrived in Grassau and have already trained once

Dominik Kohr arrives at the Hotel "Das Achental".

1. FSV Mainz 05 arrived in Grassau in Bavaria on Wednesday afternoon in the sunshine. It was clear to see that the coaches, staff and players were pleased with what they saw upon arrival. “My first impression is really good. The hotel and the pitches are fantastic,” said Bo Svensson, who is in Grassau for the first time. “This is a good basis for hard work. We can’t complain about the setup here,” added the head coach.

Mainz arrived in Grassau on Wednesday for a pre-season training camp.

The Zerofivers have obviously not just travelled to Grassau to admire the nice scenery. It will be a week of hard work, which includes friendlies against Besiktas (Friday, 15th July at 20:00 CEST) and Newcastle United (Monday, 18th July at 16:00 CEST). Both games will be played at the Grenzlandstadion in Kufstein.

High intensity straight away

After a quick break for lunch, the Mainz players were out for the first training session next to the hotel. The players continued training at the same intensity they had been at Bruchweg back in Mainz. Head coach Bo Svensson wanted them to carry on working on the team’s basic principles and tactics. On a small pitch, the players worked on defending and attacking on the break, shooting and tackling.

We’ve got a few new players here and we will have to remind them a little bit of our style of football.

Training with a view!

“Everyone is fit and completed their programme. We’ve got a few new players here and we will have to remind them a little bit of our style of football. We will use the time here and the friendlies for that. There will be one different focus each day. We will have to be a really good group to win Bundesliga games, so we need to find this togetherness. You need to be a tight-knit group to overcome difficulties. You have to be there for one another and we’re working on that,” said Svensson after the first training session.