Pros 07.10.2019 — 15:14 Uhr

“The main thing is that we got the job done”

Daniel Brosinski scored a record-breaking penalty in Saturday’s 2-1 victory over Paderborn, while Robin Zentner crucially saved a spot-kick at the other end.

Daniel Brosinski has scored six times from the spot for Mainz and he has always remained ice cool.

Ultimately, two penalty situations were responsible for FSV’s away win in Paderborn. One put Mainz 2-1 up through the usual calm finishing of Daniel Brosinski. The other came down to Robin Zentner, who saved a penalty in the final moments of the game after his captain had handled the ball in the box, thereby sparing his team from dropping more points. “Luckily Robin saved it. It would have been brutal to have conceded an equaliser after failing to score a third goal,” Brosinski said afterwards.

Zentner himself only wanted to accept congratulations for the three points, rather than being heralded as the match-winner. “There are always games where ultimately you don’t take your chances up front. If it has to be this way, that I have to save a penalty, then I am certainly glad to save it,” the 24-year-old Rheingauer coolly explained. Until then, Zentner was not known as a penalty-stopper. From the ten or eleven penalties he had faced in both the Bundesliga and the 3. Liga, this was the first that he has saved. “I had heard that my stats weren’t so good,” said the FSV goalkeeper. “I saved one in the DFB-Pokal (against Stuttgart). And I am quite good in training.”

Gut feeling for the right corner

“It was my gut feeling that made me dive in the right corner”, he reported. “Because Jamilu Collins’ run-up was fairly straight, I wasn’t sure which corner he would aim for.” Collins fired it down to Zentner’s right, and the Mainz ‘keeper was there. Zentner had been chosen by Sandro Schwarz as the new number one and is now the preferred choice between the sticks instead of Florian Müller due to his good performances. He is handling the situation confidently and calmly, but does not actually know whether this decision has given him an extra boost. “I just want to do my job. People can always talk and discuss it a lot. If I make mistakes then the discussion will change again.”

Zentner wasn’t looking for plaudits after providing the match-winning moment, something that wouldn’t have been necessary had his outfield teammates found a third goal. “I try to do my job as well as possible and to concentrate on what I can influence. I can’t play up top or head the ball in the back of the net. When I do my job well and we win, it is twice as good.”

25 converted penalties in a row

“It wasn’t our best game, but we did manage to win and displayed the right attitude,” explained goalscorer Daniel Brosinksi. The full-back, who took the armband from Danny Latza, replaced the injured Aarón, returning to the left side of defence. He accepts the penalty given against him in the 77th minute: “It was a clear penalty. At first I had my hands behind my back and I tried to block the ball, but when I lunged my arms fell to my side. I tried to get my balance and the ball hit my upper arm.”

45 minutes earlier, Brosinski had set a new Bundesliga record with FSV’s 25th converted penalty in a row, overtaking VfL Bochum. Brosinski is not bothered by the amount of those that belong in his goalscoring account – somebody had said eight, but he believes it is seven. “In the end it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that we got the job done”, said Brosinski. There is no doubt that the 31-year-old is confident from twelve yards. “You have to try and block everything out, put the ball down and look at what the goalie is doing,” said the Mainz player. In this case, Paderborn stopper Leopold Zingerle had chosen a side relatively early. “That made it clear which way I was going to shoot. I started slowly, with a little delay, looked at the goalie and then focused on the ball.” As we all know, it hit the back of the net to make it 2-1 and secured a much needed three points.