Pros 13.09.2021 — 17:37 Uhr


The Zerofivers are compact, cool and disciplined and earn a deserved away win in Hoffenheim: Sub Ingvartsen seals the deal - Kohr: "We have created this mentality".

Bo Svensson celebrates three points in Hoffenheim (right, assistant coach Babak Keyhanfar).

Two neat goals, the first away points and a clean sheet for the third time in four games this season: In the victory in Hoffenheim, the Zerofivers also convinced the head coach with their performance, who saw little cause for criticism after the final whistle. Bo Svensson spoke of a " disciplined and composed performance" early on Saturday evening in Sinsheim. "We have not conceded many chances overall this season and have played to nil three times, which of course also pleases the former centre-back," the Dane simultaneously underlined what is and should remain the basis of Mainz's game.

FSV have conceded only 22 goals in 21 games since the start of the last second half of the season, which equates to an average of 1.05. A comparison with the completely unsuccessful first half of the previous season shows where the new coaching team started at the beginning of the year. The 37 goals conceded in 17 matches meant an average of 2.17 goals per game for the 05 opponents.

Today it's natural for us to think like that

"If you don't concede a goal, then you already have a point on your account," Dominik Kohr had already commented on Mainz's defensive stability in the run-up to the game and had then specified: "It is also always a matter of attitude. Creating this awareness that every situation can be decisive was important for us," the midfielder said, referring to the starting situation in the winter. "No matter if it's a throw-in or a corner kick, or if a teammate makes a mistake: everyone has to be fired up to make up for it. We have created this mentality. Today it is natural for us to think like that," said Kohr, who impressed in Kraichgau with a wonderful assist as well as 73 percent of duels won.

And then it's a really great performance...

From front to back, Mainz presented themselves stable at TSG, took two of their few chances in ice-cold fashion and left almost nothing to chance in front of their own goal. "Everyone played their part, everyone knows their role," emphasised goalscorer Jonny Burkardt after the game. "And then it's a really great achievement to concede almost no chances in Hoffenheim," continued the homegrown player, who has been wearing the captain's armband of the German U21s since the last international break.

A new quality

"They defend very aggressively and disciplined in the dangerous areas," a visibly dismayed Sebastian Hoeneß also stated at the press conference. Apart from a brief period of pressure in the second half, the Hoffenheim coach's team never managed to put the visitors in serious danger. Not least because the Zerofivers had presented themselves almost consistently sharper, as Hoeneß also found, and in the end had been able to decide 56 percent of the duels for themselves.

After the successful start to the season and nine out of a possible twelve points, a new quality seems to be added to the compactness. In the sensational second half of the season, FSV had won all nine matches with a difference of just one goal, but the Rheinhessen side recently managed to close the scoring twice in a row. Newcomer Marcus Ingvartsen, of all people, was responsible for this in Hoffenheim. After only three training sessions with his new colleagues, he struck 78 seconds after his substitution in the style of a penalty area striker and thus marked the final score.

...the reason why we got him

"He is supposed to score goals as a striker, that is the reason why we brought him in. He did a good job in the 15 minutes," said Svensson soberly after the game and added: "Anton Stach marched 50 metres through the midfield beforehand and prepared the goal. The fact that the substitutes livened up our game and also made it better again makes me very happy," the 42-year-old continued.

Keeping it up against Freiburg

Quality and variety on the bench: An undoubtedly important prerequisite to be able to set decisive impulses in close games. Most recently against Fürth, the two subs Karim Onisiwo and Kevin Stöger were able to set the 3-0 final point in a co-production. Next Saturday afternoon, the next challenge awaits FSV in the form of SC Freiburg at the MEWA ARENA. "An opponent on a par with us," as defender Stefan Bell was still looking ahead to in Hoffenheim. "We are very satisfied and want to continue in exactly the same way," Kohr reminded us that the intensity and discipline displayed will remain a prerequisite for success in the coming weeks and months. After all, the coach had also demanded consistency from his team before the trip to Kraichgau.