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Danny Latza leaves Mainz after six moving years at Bruchweg: He looks back with

Thank you Capitano & see you soon!

After six years, 162 games, seven goals and plenty of emotional highlights, Danny Latza is leaving as captain of the Zerofivers, returning to his roots, but will carry Mainz in his heart forever, as he emphasises. The midfield fighter has left his mark around the Bruchweg, in the OPEL ARENA and among all Mainzers. On, the 31-year-old family man talks about a farewell that is anything but easy for him.

I have always felt very welcome here and I am proud to be part of the history of this club.

He could hardly have chosen a better moment to say goodbye to the city where his first son was born a good two years ago, where he and his wife have become more than at home, where he has made friends for life and matured into an experienced Bundesliga player, in the autumn of his career. "The fact that the journey has turned out like this makes me very proud, I'm glad I took the path I did." Still, there remains a downer, as he admits, he was denied a fitting farewell in front of a full house at the OPEL ARENA due to the Corona pandemic. "You were always and everywhere welcome in Mainz. Even in bad phases you could be seen in the city, you had the feeling that people were behind us." Latza always appreciated it and also gives a final salute to the fans: "Of course I would have liked to thank them. Thank you for a wonderful time and the support in good and also difficult times. I always felt very welcome here and I'm proud to be part of the history of this club."