Pros 10.12.2018 — 15:46 Uhr

“The best thing to do in sport”

Controversial 1-1 draw with Hannover 96. Brosinski scores penalty.

In the “Spiel der Herzen”, Mainz 05 were denied an heart-warming finish after Anthony Ujah’s last minute header got ruled out by VAR for being offside. The crowd had gone wild, Ujah was ecstatic but in the end, the game ended 1-1 after Daniel Brosinski scored a penalty in his 150th Bundesliga game.

The team second from bottom felt the result was undeserved after they claimed that the decision to give a penalty which brought the game back to 1-1 was a “blatant wrong decision.” Jean-Philippe Mateta went down after contact from Hannover 96 defender Matthias Ostrzolek. Referee Robert Hartmann pointed to the spot and the video assistant had no objections to his decision and Daniel Brosinski confidently put the penalty away in the 89 minute. “If we don’t see this as a dive, we may as well get rid of the video assistant,” said an angered André Breitenreiter. "A clear dive, there was no contact,” said the 96 coach, who demanded an apology from Mateta, as did all his players.

Mateta: It wasn’t a dive

“It didn’t look like a dive,” said Sandro Schwarz, who didn’t only agree that it was a penalty but also defended his centre-forward. Mateta is not obliged to apologise. “It is not the responsibility of the player to ensure justice on the pitch. It is the jobs of the referees, linesmen and video assistants.” In response to Ostrzolek's comments about Mateta apologising to Ostrzolek, Sandro Schwarz said: “I wonder how they would have spoken to each other,” given that they cannot speak the same language.

The striker himself said: “There was contact and I was running. I cannot apologise for a dive when I didn’t dive.” Rouven Schröder said it was not the only situation that was not correct. “Basically, there were a lot of incorrect decisions so nobody can be satisfied today.”

Clear penalty after a handball

The Zerofivers also had something to complain about. In the 28th minute, Hannover centre-back Kevin Wimmer blocked a Brosinski shot with his body, which then deflected onto his outstretched hand. The referee ignored all penalty appeals and continued the game. Video assistant referee Patrick Ittrich also didn’t think that it was a penalty. “It was a stonewall penalty,” said Sandro Schwarz. “They need to be more consistent from game to game in the Bundesliga. They need to make it clear what the standards are.”

Hendrik Weydandt took the lead for the visitors early on, but afterwards, the Zerofivers dominated the game; especially in the second half, where the home side continued to pile on the pressure. “We completely dominant, we were in their box a lot and very much superior. We had great mentality. I think our passion for the game got us the point we deserved,” said Schwarz.  

Latza hits the post

The relentless efforts at goal results in a total of 27 shots, 29 crosses and many chances. Mateta and Kunde Malong had chances in the first half, whilst in the second half, Danny Latza saw a shot hit the post, a header from an Alexandru Maxim free-kick go over. Jean-Philippe Gbamin and Jean-Philippe Mateta both had chances as well. The away side could have made it 2-0 if it wasn’t for an excellent save from Robin Zentner to deny Takuma Asano.

“I believe that it would not have been undeserved, if we had won the match,” said the Zerofiver’s sporting director. “The team were excellent when they were on top. They gave everything but the ball would not go in,” said Schröder. The coach agreed with this. “From the 15th minute onwards, we put in a very good performance against a strong team. They were not easy to play through. They had the advantage after taking the lead. But we stuck at it and that is the best thing to do in sport,” said Schwarz. “Losing this game would have been extremely frustrating but it is still annoying we only got a point.”