Pros 06.04.2022 — 22:48 Uhr

"That was the difference tonight"

Reaction to the defeat in Augsburg

The biggest talking point of Mainz’s game against Augsburg on Wednesday evening was a dubious penalty decision. The spot-kick put The Zerofivers behind early on in the match and it was one of, but not the only reason why Svensson’s side fell to a 2-1 defeat in Bavaria.

Reaction from the WWK ARENA

Silvan Widmer: “We started the game badly and we lost most of the duels. We wanted it to be the other way round. In the second half we came back into the game but we conceded straight after our equaliser which killed us. Instead of knocking the stuffing out of Augsburg, our goal seemed to motivate them further and you can’t let that happen. After a goal, whether you score it or concede it, the first thing you have to do is to consolidate at the back and we just weren’t successful in doing that. With regards to the penalty decision, I saw it in real time and the striker was making his way to the ground before contact was made. It was sloppy that we let that situation happen but a decision like that still hurts. However, I don’t think that was the decisive moment today because our overall performance just wasn’t good enough. If we don’t push ourselves to our physical and mental limits, then we will have massive problems against any opponent. We have only managed to do that in phases in the last few games so we will have to play our best game for the full 90 minutes against Köln on Saturday."

The scorer of our short-lived equaliser, Silvan Widmer

Robin Zentner: “With regards to the penalty, I took a bad first touch but then pulled back. For me it was 100% the wrong decision, even though it was my error that led to that situation. It’s really bitter that we lost tonight because we were the better team after we went 1-0 down but we allowed them to do too much and we just weren’t with it in certain moments. Afterwards, we dominated the game, put in a lot of effort and created some good chances. We were not switched on enough at set pieces so it’s really annoying tonight.”

VAR should’ve have ruled it out, even though the referee thought it was a penalty in real time.

Director of sport Martin Schmidt: “For the performance we put in, it’s perhaps a little unfair that we are going home empty handed. Unfortunately, it also has a lot to do with the penalty decision. It’s amazing how VAR let the referee make this mistake! VAR should’ve have ruled it out, even though the referee thought it was a penalty in real time. Apart from that, we equalised and then conceded right away. Both goals came from set pieces and I think the lack of concentration in our own penalty area also made the difference today. We actually played the ball forward well and we created some good situations but unfortunately this wasn’t enough to win the game.”