Pros 09.03.2019 — 21:22 Uhr

Schwarz: We were too inaccurate

The head coaches’ reactions after the Gladbach game

Sandro Schwarz: “The first few minutes belonged to Gladbach after their triple chance. After that, we took ten minutes or so to get into the game. Then we set ourselves up well and got into good positions. Unfortunately, our crosses and shots were just too inaccurate. We were frustrated that we went into the break with the score at 0-0. We weren’t as dominant in the second period and made a number of technical mistakes. Then we conceded from a set-piece. Once they went ahead, Gladbach sat in and didn’t allow us any space to run into. The lads ran themselves into the ground, so I cannot moan at them. We didn’t play as well as we can in the second half, which is why we are so disappointed with this defeat.

Dieter Hecking: “I think we can be very pleased with today’s win here in Mainz. We started well with the triple chance early on. Taking the lead so early on would have given us a lot more confidence for the rest of the game. Mainz then took control and pushed us back. They had a lot of shots, without ever being too dangerous. It was important that we didn’t concede before half time. We wanted to play better football in the second half and defended well. On top of that, we had a phase where we attacked with more intent. The goal from a corner was slightly lucky – perhaps that’s what we needed today. After that, we were solid at the back. Mainz played well and are developing really well as a side – we know how good a result the 1-0 was in the end.