Pros 19.10.2019 — 19:31 Uhr

Schwarz: "We suffered a lapse in concentration for one cross"

The reaction from both coaches after the defeat in Düsseldorf.

Sandro Schwarz gave us his thoughts after the 1-0 away loss to Fortuna Düsseldorf.

Sandro Schwarz: “Congratulations to Friedhelm and his boys on a well-deserved win. To begin with, we had control and a lot of possession against an opponent that sat deep. But after the first fifteen minutes, we stopped playing well and didn’t threaten their goal. As a result, we began to lose our grip on the game. There were no big chances in the first half. After the second yellow, it was a different game; we played too much in our own half and had to defend many crosses. We dealt with them well for a long time. We suffered a lapse in concentration for one cross. So we have to be critical of ourselves in that we didn’t generate enough forward momentum in the first half. We should have come away with the point, even with 10 men.”

Friedhelm Funkel: “Sandro analysed the match perfectly. At the beginning, we needed about 15 minutes to get going because Mainz started well and had us chasing them. However, they didn’t have any chances to score. For the first time this season, we were really good at the back over a full 90 minutes. Compliments to my team for the way they played in the second half. We needed possession of the ball and to control the game, even if people think you have to overrun an opponent. Mainz played cleverly and defended a lot of our crosses. But one of them was perfect, so we won the game. At half time, I told the team that we had to play with our heads and be patient, and that we mustn’t take too many risks. We wanted to keep the clean sheet. The boys translated my instructions well out onto the pitch. I wish you success in the coming weeks, Sandro.”