Pros 31.08.2019 — 20:13 Uhr

Schwarz: We fell apart by the end

All the post-match reaction from both coaches following the defeat at Bayern

Bayern München 6 Mainz 1

Sandro Schwarz: “Congratulations to Niko and his team. The first 30, 35 minutes of the game went almost perfectly to plan. We were aggressive and defended courageously. We battled hard and created a lovely goal. Nevertheless, Bayern’s individual quality was, as always, plain to see. The free kick just before the break was a prime example of this. At the start of the second half I had the feeling that there was still a game on, but they struck first. We then had another period where we could have pulled one back. After they made it 4-1 it was obviously too easy for them to score. We totally fell apart. To lose 6-1 is incredibly frustrating, especially when you consider how the first 20, 25 minutes went.”

Niko Kovac: “I agree with Sandro. We didn’t get going until the middle of the first half. We were too lethargic and didn’t match their aggression. We thought it would be easier. After the drinks break we moved the ball around more quickly, stretched the opposition and created good opportunities from out wide. It was important that we made it 2-1 before the break. The game was then decided in the second half with the third and fourth goals. We are happy overall.”