Pros 16.02.2019 — 19:32 Uhr

Schwarz: We didn’t cause Wolfsburg hardly any problems in the final third

The 05ers coach reflects on the defeat in Wolfsburg – penalty was a ‘50:50 decision’

Sandro Schwarz: “Congratulations to Wolfsburg. We made a poor start today, falling behind immediately. We responded well and started to create space for us to attack. The team were not unsettled by the early deficit. However, our main problem was that we weren't clinical enough in the final third in the first half. We were uncertain down each wing and not clinical enough in the passing game despite the control and possession we had in the match. Not much happened at the start of the second half as both teams were restricted to one or two chances.  The penalty decision was 50:50 in my opinion. It could've gone either way. It wasn’t a clear mistake from the referee on the pitch so the Video Assistant Referee shouldn’t have intervened. This changed the course of the match and we failed to create any further chances to get back in the match. The match ended in a 3-0 defeat and naturally, that is a bitter result to accept.”

Bruno Labbadia: “Mainz made it hard for us today. Sandro is right. At 1-0 we still didn’t have security because Mainz were still threatening and doing well. We thought about changing our strategy before half time but we didn’t in the end. For the second half we made a few changes and tried to compact the half spaces into the middle of the field. I think the team responded well. We didn’t play too well in the first half, but also didn’t give Mainz too many opportunities. We limited them more in the second half and didn’t let them play their game. The second goal came at a good time, and I don’t feel like scoreline was a true reflection of the game, but it was a good result for us - Mainz are a tough team to beat.”