Pros 23.12.2018 — 20:48 Uhr

Schwarz: "We defended passionately"

All the reaction to the 1-1 draw against Hoffenheim.

Sandro Schwarz: "We knew it would be an intense game and we would need to survive periods of pressure. It was a very open game in the first half - both sides had their chances, we invested a lot going forward but had problems down the wing. We fixed that at half time, in order to have a little more security behind the full backs. After the break, Hoffenheim were clearly more dominant and we had to defend with passion. Of course we had a little bit of luck. However, we could have hit them with a lucky punch in the final ten minutes, as they opened up once more. In the end, it's a good point for us four days after an emotional derby. It was important to keep the intensity high."


Julian Nagelsmann: "I'll keep it short. That match was a reflection of our season so far. We invested a lot, but got little return. We had clearly more chances, I think we've created the most chances in the league so far this season. We could have had 9-12 more points so far this season. I'm very happy with my team's commitment. We hit the woodwork four times, yet again, but only scored one goal. We want to get more points than this in the second half of the season."