Pros 26.01.2019 — 19:23 Uhr

Schwarz: We came with lots of energy

The head coaches gave their views on the game

Mainz 05 2-1 FC Nürnberg

Sandro Schwarz: “We knew that today would be a difficult and hard-fought game. We began the game well and moved the ball around well and had some chances. However, after the 25th minute, we lost our structure and did little going forward. Consequently they got the equaliser just before the break. In the second half, we came with lots of energy and had a big chance with Quaison. The VAR decision gave us momentum and we then scored a very nice goal to make it 2-1. We could have scored more goals. In the end, it’s three points against a very difficult and hard-working team.”

Michael Köllner: “We watched an intense game with lots of fight. Every inch of the pitch was fought for. We replied well to going 1-0 down and got the equaliser. After the break, Mainz had two or three big chances but we made it 2-1. Nobody in the stadium complained, but the goal was disallowed and that was tough for us. We had invested a lot. Mainz then took the lead and it was difficult to turn the game around after that. Congratulations to Mainz 05 and Sandro.”