Pros 10.08.2019 — 19:28 Uhr

Schwarz: "The game took on a new dynamic"

All the reaction from Mainz's 2-0 cup defeat at Kaiserslautern.

Sandro Schwarz: "Congratulations to Sascha and his team on reaching the next round. I think we played very well in the first 30 minutes. We had control, were getting forward quickly and creating chances. After then we became a little more hectic. We lost the ball and weren’t clearing up well, which gave Kaiserslautern some breathing space. In the second half we wanted to replicate our start and build on it. We started well, but then the game took on a different dynamic, as we’re used to in this competition. The way the penalty trickled over the line only adds to that feeling. Ultimately, my team showed the effort, but lacked the precision at times. Lots of little things didn’t go our way today. It’s frustrating to have lost the derby and been eliminated."

Sascha Hildmann: "I agree with Sandro. As a Bundesliga side, we knew that Mainz would have a lot of possession and put us under a lot of pressure. It’s important to be able withstand these phases of pressure and try to block every shot. But you also need to have luck on your side. We managed to work our way into the game, even though the final pass often prevented us from creating many clear chances. Nevertheless, we continued to defend passionately, and we knew that, as long as we kept it at 0-0, our chance would come. And then of course we were lucky with the penalty. It was an even game after that, and Mainz continued to create chances with their fluid passing. The second goal was very well worked. We are delighted and I have to pay a big compliment to my team."