Pros 05.04.2019 — 23:38 Uhr

Schwarz: Over the moon with this victory

The head coaches spoke to the media after the game.

Mainz 05 5-0 SC Freiburg

Sandro Schwarz: I think the beginning of the game showed why we hadn’t picked up points recently. We didn’t keep the ball well, the opponents were well structured and were playing well. We also gave away some sloppy chances but we were able to score with our first chance. We then made a change and played better and we ticked better as a team. We played really well and scored some beautiful goals. It took us a bit of time in the second half to get into it again but we took our chances very well. We are over the moon with this victory but we know we must not get ahead of ourselves.

Christian Streich: “We started the game well. Mainz were patient as they know how good they are on the counter. We had a couple chances early on in the game but couldn’t take them. We gave them the first goal and that just gave them more confidence. Although my team remained calm and disciplined, they played very well. After half-time, we had chances but Mainz also have a great goalkeeper. They were just very efficient. We have to get over today’s result. I can only congratulate Mainz as they have not won many games recently. It was a deserved defeat for us and we need to analyse it and move forward.