Pros 20.04.2019 — 19:31 Uhr

Schwarz: Many happy faces in the stadium

Post-match reactions from the coaches after the home win against Düsseldorf

Sandro Schwarz during his team's 3-1 victory over Düsseldorf.

Friedhelm Funkel: “First, I would like to congratulate Rouven and Sandro for their many years of hard work here. It’s a great accomplishment. I said it a few weeks ago that Mainz is an example for us. I’m glad that we will meet again next season, but I’ve warned Sandro that he won’t be getting six points against us again (laughs). Thank you.”

Sandro Schwarz: “I can only return Friedhelm’s praise, since Düsseldorf guaranteed their spot for next season last week already. For us, it was important to follow through on what was a deciding week for us. We saw that we were in the game right from the start. But, we lost our way and made things difficult for ourselves. Düsseldorf were in our half after the break and even had a penalty shot. But, we managed to score some nice goals on the counter. It’s a good feeling to have made sure that we will stay up with four matchdays still to come, and to gaze upon the many happy faces in the stadium.”