Pros 19.01.2019 — 19:50 Uhr

Schwarz: "Lucky in the end, but deserved winners"

All the reaction from the two head coaches following Mainz's 3-2 win in Stuttgart.

Sandro Schwarz: "I think we saw yet another eventful final ten minutes today. I’ll start from the beginning. In the first half, we had control from the fifth minute and were playing with confidence, creating chance after chance. As a result, we scored two goals, but also defended very well and deserved to go into the break with a two-goal lead. It was harder in the second half, we didn’t have as much control and were only able to break on a few occasions. Stuttgart appeared to be more dominant, albeit without any clear-cut chances. The third goal came at the perfect time and we should have been in cruise control from that point on. We let our opponents deliver too many crosses. We knew about that from our preparations. You could tell that we started to have doubts at 3-1. We were definitely a bit lucky in the end, but over the course of 94 minutes we deserved the win."

Markus Weinzierl: "We started well, but didn’t do so well after the opening goal. We had a lot to discuss at the break and were determined to turn the game around, which was definitely possible as you saw at the end. We definitely badly from that one set piece, but the boys showed character to get the two goals back. I would have loved to see them get the equaliser, but when you trail 3-0 you can’t have any complaints about losing in the end. The stats actually look quite could, but other factors are ultimately decisive."