Pros 14.09.2019 — 19:59 Uhr

Schwarz: An emotional win

Both coaches gave their thoughts after the home win against Berlin

Sandro Schwarz: "We saw two different halves. We had a lot of control in the first, took the lead at just the right moment, but there were also one or two mistakes that Hertha took advantage of. We threatened several times, and then we made it 1-0 after a good break. On the whole we didn’t play well enough the break though, and we didn’t finish consistently on the counter attack, which is why they were able to make it 1-1. In the last few weeks, reacting to setbacks has often been a topic in the dressing room, so to strike back after their well-deserved equaliser was fantastic. The momentum was on our side in the end and it was an emotional victory today!"

Ante Covic: "Sometimes sport can be hard to fathom. We wanted to show a different side to our game than the one we showed against Schalke and we succeeded. Even though we didn’t have much possession in the beginning, we could have taken the lead. Shortly before the break the clean sheet went out the window, so we had to throw everything at them after the break, which we did. We had big opportunities to score, but we need to work on our finishing. It was a contested game between two teams, who both wanted to start differently. After we got the equaliser we should have come away with something. We have to be more diligent now and move on."