Pros 03.05.2019 — 23:25 Uhr

Schwarz: a magnificent comeback

Post-match reactions from the coaches after the draw against Leipzig

Sandro Schwarz applauds as Mainz draw 3-3 against Leipzig.

Sandro Schwarz: “Today’s game was magnificent and intense. We started well and could have taken the lead. After losing possession and going 1-0 up, Leipzig were pressing more. We reacted well by marking one just before half-time. During the break, we felt like we could turn the game around. It was difficult, going down 3-1, and our second goal came a bit out of nowhere. Afterwards, we were right back in it. It could have gone either way. Our comeback today was magnificent and it’s outstanding to have scored three goals against such a strong defence. We feel good leaving tonight with one point.”

Ralf Rangnick: “I think everyone watching tonight was able to experience an entertaining and fast-paced match. There were a lot of goals. It was almost a bit unusual for us, how often we had to defend. Both teams played a strong game up front. My compliments to both sides for their performances tonight—it was very entertaining. That’s what football can be like, when one doesn’t have to constantly be paying attention to the standings. It’s still a bit unfortunate, especially since we were ahead by two goals. But, Mainz are a good side and took risks tonight. It’s frustrating, since it’s been a while since we’re allowed three goals against.”