Pros 05.12.2018 — 11:28 Uhr

Schwarz: “A good starting platform”

The Zerofiver’s trainer updates his critics after the away victory: consistency is coming, but still room for improvement.

The 1-0 victory in Düsseldorf ensured that the atmosphere at the Bruchweg was very positive and motivation was high for the next game in the Bundesliga. Sandro Schwarz said on Tuesday: “It is good that we don’t need the perfect performance to win a game.” The Zerofiver’s coach and squad have until Sunday this week to solidify their basis for another victory. “We have a good starting platform and now we can show our fans when we play Hannover 96.”

The coach spoke about what his team could improve on after the match in Düsseldorf, rather than focussing on just the positives. Although the statistics were not in favour of Mainz 05, the game would have showed otherwise. Schwarz complained about sloppy passing, lack of pace in the passing and too much sideways passing. “We were extremely self-critical after the game. The analysis of the game showed that we were in control of the game until the 80th minute. We shouldn’t forget that.”

Three wins in four games

Jean-Philippe Mateta had a big chance to double the Zerofiver’s lead after he had initially scored the first goal of the game but was unable to convert. “It’s safe to say, it was a lucky victory. We didn’t play badly though,” said Schwarz. "However, it's always better to be critical rather than to brush over the negatives so we have enough stuff for focus on training this week." Just as the team has performed in the past few weeks, it was also time to get a victory. "It shows that we have reached a certain consistency, we have won three of the last four games and delivered a top performance against Borussia Dortmund, where we should have picked up at least one point.”

The next opponents are Hannover 96, an opponent that Sandro Schwarz does not have nice memories with. Schwarz lost his first Bundesliga game against Hannover 1-0 last year. Since their last game, only Stefan Bell, Daniel Brosinski and Danny Latza were present in the starting XI that day from our current squad. “It's extraordinary that we're making such progress with many young players after this upheaval in the summer. We are now playing the kind of football that we want to," said the 40-year-old.

Brosinski fit again

Training started this week with Robin Zentner and Karim Onisiwo both missing. Phillipp Mwene is also not available this week and Robin Quaison (cold) only completed the warm-up and then ran a few laps. Finn Dahmen and Patrick Manthe were the goalkeepers in training, because Florian Müller has not returned from injury. Brosinski, on the other hand, was able to train again.

Guilio Donati, who had not featured at all this season, put in a great cameo performance when he came on for the injured Brosinski against Düsseldorf. Donati is an example of how the high intensity training is reaping its rewards on players who are not playing regularly. “He was immediately in the game, physically and emotionally. He defended well and made many runs forward, proving that everyone in the squad has a role to play this season,” said the coach. “All of us are ready to fight when the chance arises.