Pros 27.04.2019 — 19:18 Uhr

Schwarz: “A frustrating result”

The post match reaction to the defeat in Hannover

Sandro Schwarz: “Congratulations to Thomas and his team on today’s victory. The good news from our perspective: We secured and celebrated Bundesliga safety last week and didn’t reduce our intensity for today’s match. We were fully in the match, gave a good performance and were the dominant side. Additionally, we created a lot of well worked chances and pressed well when we didn’t have the ball. We should’ve taken the lead going into half time and wanted to keep up the same intensity after the break, continuing to attack. Then we probably though we would wrap up victory if we could just find one crucial breakthrough. We then allowed Hannover to get into a dangerous position in front of our goal and they scored from it. We did everything we could to keep our structure and continue to attack. Hannover responded well to what has happened in recent weeks. However, this is a very frustrating result for us.”

Thomas Doll: “Thank you very much, Sandro. Today was the difficult match we expected it to be. Mainz use the diamond formation in midfield very well. I am a big fan of this formation as you can use its structure to powerful effect. Mainz showed this in the second half away against Dortmund where they played very well. We played well for 15 minutes but then had no gasp on the match as we easily lost the ball. We were not playing well and were also fortunate not to fall behind before half time. At half time, I changed formation and the boys adapted excellently. It is great to see what happened after the break. You need a stroke of luck every now and again, just like we did with our goal today. It wasn’t easy to defend against Mainz today but we defended well and benefited from the necessary stroke of luck to see us home. We are all pleased with the victory and the hopes of survival live on.”