Pros 19.12.2018 — 23:40 Uhr

Schwarz: “30 outstanding minutes”

The head coaches gave their views on the derby.

Mainz 05 2-2 Eintracht Frankfurt

Sandro Schwarz: “We watched a great game and the people in the stands were very involved. I found the first 30 minutes outstanding. We were organised, defended aggressively which resulted in our first goal. Our problem was that we were unable to go into the break in the lead. We didn’t finish off our chances at the end of the game as well. In the first 15 minutes after the break, it was a fight to stay in the game. Then, we had a phase of the game where we put them under lots of pressure. Maybe we should have had a penalty. Robin Zentner once again made some superb saves at the back. It was a class Rhein-Main-Derby. We are satisfied with our performance and will take the point.”

Adi Hütter: “We watched a very intense, hard-fought Rhein-Main-Derby. I think across the whole ninety minutes, a draw is a fair result. In the 80th minute, Kevin Trapp kept us in the game and at the end, Rebic could have won it for us. I would like to congratulate Sandro for the good game. Mainz demanded a lot from us.