Pros 05.03.2019 — 18:30 Uhr

Result quickly out of mind

Zerofiver coach Sandro Schwarz spoke about the squad taking part in the “impressive festivities” in Mainz which was adopted as a team-building measures taken for the upcoming home game against Gladbach on Saturday.

Training on Monday was festive, despite the recent result. Only the coach mentioned any problems during training on Tuesday in Bruchweg. “We left it on the bus,” said Sandro Schwarz, who took part in the “impressive festivities” in town, which was adopted as a team building exercise after the unlucky 2-1 loss against Hertha BSC and in preparation for the game against Borussia Mönchengladbach on Saturday in the OPEL ARENA.

“All players enjoyed it and we had a lot of fun,” said the 40-year-old. The theme of carnival should still be in the squad on Tuesday morning during training. For the players, especially the international players, this was a very new experience, some of them seemed astounded. Many of them were very surprised that it was actually in Mainz. For those who were there for the first time, they were definitely able to experience the premium of what the carnival has to offer. “The problem was that the boys all threw out the confetti at the beginning of the tour, so they had nothing by the end.” With the exceptions of the injured Issah Abass, the sick Gerrit Holtmann and Alex Maxim, all Zerofivers were in attendance for the short road-trip round Mainz. “It was really good fun and important for the team to do something like this together. A bonding experience will do the team some good.”

Unlucky with the woodwork

The Zerofivers were definitely in a slightly more sombre mood than they could have been, considering the 2-1 loss to Hertha just two days before. “We analysed clips of the game on Sunday,” said Schwarz. “It remains that it was a well-organised game from us for 70 minutes. We were unlucky with the frame of the goal.” Karim Onisiwo and Anthony Ukah both hit the frame, while Ujah and Robin Quaison also had big chances. Berlin had three chances and got two goals.

“The first goal for Hertha was a standard corner and, of course, you can defend that better. However, you do get the case where sometimes a goal will just come,” said the coach. The second goal was, however, “unfortunate”. “In the one-on-one situations on the wing, one of us should have closed down and then we lost sight of the shooter in the centre.” The chain of events was annoying. Schwarz acknowledged that there was room for improvement. “Whether a full-back or the number eight goes to close in that situation is not important, there’s definitely room for improvement.”

“A top team that demands everything”

The idea of “room for improvement” must be applied to the game on Saturday. “We have to do some things better against a very strong team,” said the coach. The fact that the opponent will be coming off the back of two home defeats against Wolfsburg and Bayern did not interest Schwarz whatsoever. The 40 year-old goes into the game with the best possible performance from the opposition in mind. “We do not take anything from the results - Borussia are a top team that will demand everything from us, but we are really looking forward to the special atmosphere that will be there on Saturday.”

There are still ten matches left. With the upcoming game, we are into the last third of the season. “Like in the Hinrunde, we have gained nine points from the first seven games and it could have been a few more. Berlin was not necessarily a game we had to lose,” said Schwarz. “We have to stay alert and check our performances week by week and go into the game against Gladbach eagerly.”