Pros 09.05.2022 — 11:52 Uhr

New home kit with a message for peace

Mainz 05 and Kömmerling showing togetherness in the final match of the season

The first team of 1. FSV Mainz 05 will wear their new Kappa home kit for the 2022/2023 season in their final match of 2021/2022 against Eintracht Frankfurt on Saturday, 14th May. It’s not just special that the kit is going to make its debut this weekend ahead of our 17th season competing in the Bundesliga, but above all the shirt has an important message. The Zerofivers will wear main sponsors and shirt sponsors Kömmerling together with the “Better World Foundation” on the breast of the shirt for this weekend’s match to make a statement for peace in Ukraine. The words “You’ll never walk alone” will also be printed on the centre of the shirt as well as a blue-and-yellow heart representing the colours of the national flag of Ukraine.

“Football moves us and unites people with different backgrounds. However, things are happening in the world which make football seem irrelevant. People tragically lose their lives every day due to pointless wars. We want to show that we stand together with those who are suffering from wars. We mustn’t only stand up on the pitch for each other, but also for peace,” explained Zerofivers captain Moussa Niakhaté.

The Zerofivers captain has been making an important statement via his armband for months now.

“Mainz 05 and we as a company share common values, and therefore we’re really pleased to be making our commitment to the cause clearly visible to the outside world, especially given the current situation, and helping to make the world a better place together with the team and the club,” commented Dr. Peter Mrosik, CEO of the profine group.

Limited-edition shirt for peace includes charitable donation in the sale price

If you would like to secure one of these special shirts, you’ll need to act fast. The shirt goes on sale at 11:00 CEST on Monday, 9th May and is in limited stock. Subject to availability, the shirt will be available for online purchase from Saturday, 14th May. The shirts are to be sold at 79.95 Euro, 10 Euro of which will be donated to the Better World Foundation to help Ukraine.

Our main sponsors and shirt sponsor Kömmerling’s foundation has been helping to support the people of Ukraine since the breakout of the war by organising transport for the delivery of donations. They’re part of the profine group who have a factory in Ukraine and who therefore have good logistical means of accessing the country directly meaning they are able to provide support to the affected population.

Regular sale begins in mid-July

The new Kappa home kit, which has a classic red Mainz design and pattern as well as golden features in reference to the golden city of Mainz, will be available with regular sponsor printing from mid-July both in fan shops as well as online.