Pros 11.11.2019 — 16:54 Uhr

"Mainz will always be my home and will be in my heart forever"

Sandro Schwarz's parting message.

On matchday 30, Schwarz and his team celebrated Bundesliga survival with a 3-1 win over Düsseldorf in the OPEL Arena.

On Sunday, the Zerofivers and head coach Sandro Schwarz ended their working relationship by mutual consent. In his two and a half years as head coach, the Mainz native and former Zerofiver twice led his team to Bundesliga survival and before that had coached the U19s and U23s. On the day after his departure from Bruchweg, Schwarz gave this message to the club and the fans.

“Mainz 05 is my home team, the club closest to my heart. I grew as a footballer here and I became a Bundesliga head coach here, here in the town where I was born and with the club I have supported since I was a boy. These past six years, especially the last two and a half in the Bundesliga, have been very intense.

With you all by my side, we have fought many battles, climbed many mountains and celebrated many victories, often when nobody else believed we could do it.

In 2018, we avoided relegation with an emotional finish to the season, securing victories in Frankfurt and against Hoffenheim at home. Now we have decided to go our separate ways, a step that has not been taken lightly and one that hurts. I am sad, but I would like to say thanks to you, the Zerofiver family; thank you for the trust, thank you for going on this journey with me, during which we experienced a lot and learnt many things.

I wish the very, very best to the club and to you personally. Mainz will always be my home and will be in my heart forever.”