Pros 18.03.2019 — 14:05 Uhr

Mainz 05 extend their contract with Kömmerling

Kömmerling will be the main and kit sponsor until 2023

Mainz 05 and Kömmerling have extended their partnership, with their new contract now ending in 2023. The main sponsor and kit sponsor were originally only contracted until the end of the 2019 season, but a premature contract extension was brought into action. Both parties agreed and signed the contract on Monday.

With a potential eight years on the Mainz kit, there is a clear notion of respect between the club and the sponsor. It is the longest commitment of a sponsor as a main and kit sponsor that Mainz 05 has ever had in its long history of football. The contract will run whether the team are in the Bundesliga or the 2. Bundesliga.

Lehmann: “Our values and aims are the same”

Dr. Peter Mrosik, executive partner of profine GmbH said: “At profine, in the past few years we have made important strategic decisions: We have decided to actively build the Kömmerling brand, to position ourselves in the limelight and consciously invest in end-customer communication in order to support our partner in the market. Our partnership with Mainz 05 is a very important building block and studies show that we have been successful, not only with improving our brand image but we also get very positive feedback from our partners. Our partnerships often go beyond mere sponsorships and become a true brand partnership: like with Mainz 05. We see a very positive development based on sharing values: such as responsibility and sustainability. Mainz 05 has set itself up structurally and are very forward thinking and so this is the ideal partner for us as we share the same goals.”

Dr Jan Lehmann, business executive of 1. FSV Mainz 05 said, “The expansion of our partnership with profine GmbH and its brand Kömmerling, which was promoted together with our marketing partner Infront, is a sign of a strong affirmation to Mainz 05. It is a great example of how a proven, long-standing partnership can be raised to an even higher level. It is also testament to our restructuring of our partner-management department at the beginning of the season, which has allowed us to be able to meet the demands of our partners more quickly and specifically. We share the same values and goals. A real partnership has developed out of our cooperation with our main and kit sponsor; one that has already resulted in some joint projects such as the Kömmerling-Fensterplatz in the OPEL ARENA which we worked on together. Geographic proximity and personal solidarity also strengthen our partnership.”