Pros 10.11.2019 — 13:04 Uhr

Mainz 05 and Sandro Schwarz part ways by mutual consent

Mainz 05 and head coach Sandro Schwarz have parted ways by mutual consent. The decision comes as a result of meetings that took place on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

Sandro Schwarz has left his role as head coach of 1. FSV Mainz 05. After extensive conversations that took place on both Saturday evening and Sunday morning, Sporting Director Rouven Schröder and the former head coach came to the mutual decision that Schwarz would no longer continue in the role he has had since the summer of 2017. The decision came after the crucial 3-2 defeat at home to Union Berlin on Saturday. 

"It was an immensely difficult decision for us to make. Sandro is a Zerofiver through and through. He has always handled himself very meticulously, with a great knowledge of the game. He was also hugely passionate and emotionally invested in both the club and in how he managed his team. We've always kept great mutual trust for each other, even throughout difficult periods and were always in total agreement in how we viewed the direction of the club. However, we have to be honest and admit that this complete confidence is unfortunately no longer there due to recent results. Therefore, we came to the conclusion in our meeting that we would no longer continue to work together," said the Sporting Director.

Assistant coach Jan-Moritz Lichte will take control of the team in the meantime until a new head coach is appointed.