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In the summer, the player on loan from Eintracht Frankfurt decided to stay at Bruchweg for at least another year - a logical step, as Kohr sees it. While he emphasises the appreciation he has experienced at Mainz, his private family happiness has also been perfect since the summer.

The "baby cheer" in March 2020 after the winning goal in Hoffenheim: In the meantime, Dominik Kohr is the father of a daughter and is optimistically returning to the Kraichgau. (IMAGO / Sportfoto Rudel)

The spectacular class preservation, to which Dominik Kohr had contributed significantly as a winter loan from Eintracht Frankfurt, was followed by a nerve-racking summer: First, the 27-year-old midfielder had to end the summer training camp prematurely due to the birth of his first daughter, and shortly before the Bundesliga kick-off, the Corona-related quarantine took away his rhythm. An experience from which he drew personal consequences and has since been vaccinated twice. In his new role as a family father, he is also discovering new sides to himself.

"I'm not done here yet," Kohr captioned his Instagram post following the extension of his contract at Bruchweg at the end of May. What is he "not done with yet"? "I want to take the next step with Mainz. The development that started in the second-half of last season continues. That also applies to me personally. That started in the first six months under Bo, and I don't see myself at the end of that yet, despite my 27 years," the Trier native specified and is satisfied with the start. "We have six points after three games, which speaks for the work of the coaching team and the team. I am convinced that we can play a really good season." The decision to stay was not difficult for him, he stresses. Because the Zerofivers had all the arguments on their side, according to Kohr, who had initially switched from the Main to the Rhine primarily in search of playing practice.

When you feel as comfortable as I have in the last six months, then you can bring out the best in yourself.

"It's just familiar here. From the very beginning, everyone was always happy to come to training, despite the difficult situation. We were super prepared for every game and believed in our chances, no matter who the opponent was. We never hid, always fought until the end and went to the limit. In the end, we were presented with a gift," said the former DFB junior international, who now has the experience of 197 Bundesliga appearances to his name. "What did me good above all was the appreciation I received from the entire club from day one. When you feel as comfortable as I have since January, then you can bring out the best in yourself. I had a certain idea of how things could go. The hope of staying in the league was there. In the end, it was a confirmation of our work, for our path." A path that is not over yet.

New experiences in the kitchen

Kohr has also started a new chapter in his private life and has been the father of a daughter since the end of July. You can clearly see the pride in his face when he looks back on what was probably the most eventful summer of his career. He left the training camp of the Zerofivers in Austria in the night to attend the birth. "We'll have to discuss the timing again when we have our next child," says the 05 professional with a laugh. "But of course it was a huge experience with the little one." What has changed with the youngest family member? A few things, as Kohr reveals: "We still sleep in the same room, but my wife takes over the duties at night. During the day, of course, I help, take over many things around the house and am responsible for cuddles in the evening. We enjoy our time together as a foursome, and we also have our dog Abby. When the little one cries, she goes and sees what's going on. She is a Bernese mountain dog, a typical family dog, and loves it when everyone is together. What's completely new for me is that I'm in the kitchen. We currently order from HelloFresh, and every step of the dishes is explained in detail. Otherwise I'd be lost, but I'm learning quickly," says the family man, whose wife and daughter were recently able to watch the match against Greuther Fürth in the stands of the MEWA ARENA.

You shout into the TV and nobody hears you

Incidentally, Kohr has also learned his lessons from the second interruption of his summer preparation, as he was one of the unvaccinated 05 players who had to undergo a ten-day quarantine. An experience he would like to do without in future and received his second vaccination during the international break. "I have drawn my conclusions from this and hope that I will not have to experience such a situation again now." After all, as the so far undisputed regular in the centre of Mainz's midfield, he still has a lot to do with Mainz in the coming months. "You shout into the TV and nobody hears you. That makes you feel a bit helpless," the 27-year-old recalls of the game against Leipzig at the start of the season. He enjoyed the success against Fürth in front of more than 11,000 supporters all the more two weeks later and finally got to enjoy playing in front of a crowd again.

Home advantage is back

"It's nice that the spectators and emotions from outside are back. You just notice what was missing. And the fact that the Ultras are not in the stadium at the moment also changes the support. The fans are more involved in the individual actions. That's also something special, smaller actions are celebrated more often. In addition," says Kohr, "the home advantage is back in the game, which in his view hardly played a role during the Corona era. Although the Zerofivers will have to do without this next weekend (Saturday 3.30pm) at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, Kohr believes Mainz can bring home something worthwhile from the Kraichgau. Incidentally, the midfielder scored the winning goal for the Rheinhessen side at the same venue in March.

But that can be to our advantage because we like to play against teams like that, against whom we can set the tone with our aggressiveness.

"We will meet a team with a strong game. Hoffenheim are known for wanting to play beautiful football. But that can work to our advantage because we like to play teams like that, against whom we can make our mark with our aggressive gall. I'm really looking forward to it," said Kohr, who would have no objections to celebrating his second goal in the 05 jersey. However, he has not yet thought about his possible goal celebration. "I would be happy to score again, but I'm not usually the type to think up a cheer. At the time, I just wanted to dedicate it to our little girl."