Pros 15.07.2022 — 15:04 Uhr

Fulgini: Ready for an intense style of play

Mainz 05’s new number ten on the reasons for his transfer to the Zerofivers, how his first few days have gone as well as how he’s been getting on with his new teammates

The signing of Angelo Fulgini was officially announced last Tuesday, and since then, 1. FSV Mainz 05’s new number ten has had a few intense days with his new teammates at the summer training camp in Grassau, which began on Wednesday. For the 25-year-old, who joined Mainz from Angers, thinks the week in Chiemsee has been the perfect place to integrate himself into the team. The attacking midfielder wants to prove his attacking qualities and fight for a place in the side. A former Zerofiver was even part of his decision to join FSV!

Fulgini arrived for his media round at the “Das Achental” hotel in Grassau on Saturday morning, accompanied by translator Nejmeddin Daghfous, in a very relaxed and good-spirited manner. The new signing didn’t take part in the friendly against Besiktas the night before. He’d completed just two training sessions at his former club and had since only trained individually. Fulgini will first need to get used to the new environment, principles and playing style of his new employers. “The intensity here is a lot higher, I could tell that from the very first training session. We played a lot of counter-attacking football in Angers and defended quite deep. Here, the defensive line is a lot higher and we want to press the opposition,” Fulgini described the differences.

He only told me good things about Mainz 05.

His best friend, who up until very recently was Mainz 05 captain until he moved to Premier League side Nottingham Forest, informed him well about the club. Moussa Niakhaté and Fulgini were once teammates at Valenciennes in Ligue 2. “He only told me good things about Mainz 05,” reported the 25-year-old. “He’s my best friend, so I often followed the matches.” The efforts of the club and his conversations with Bo Svensson were also decisive factors behind his decision. “Bo explained his philosophy as well and the spirit of the club to me, as well as where he thinks I could make an impact and why I could fit well into the side. I was convinced by the whole package and I think that it’s a good next step for me,” commented Fulgini, who is attracted by the prospect of playing in the Bundesliga.

High intensity in every training session: Angelo Fulgini getting stuck in at the Zerofivers’ training camp in Grassau.

Versatile new signing wants to find his place in Mainz’s midfield

Mainz 05’s head coach had already explained why he’s looking forward to having a “creative player” like Fulgini in the squad. The Frenchman describes himself as an “indivual player”, whose strengths, amongst others, are in one-on-one situations. “I feel comfortable playing in the middle as a number ten or number eight. Playing deeper or behind the strikers doesn’t make much difference to me,” added Fulgini. He also has now issues with working tirelessly off the ball, one of the fundamental principles of Mainz’s style: “I’m ready.”

I’m ready.

There’s plenty of competition in midfield, and Fulgini commented on how his first impressions of his teammates were “very strong”. “I hope to find a place in the team, that’s why I’m here.” Competition is part and parcel of the game: “I’m happy to take on the fight.”