Pros 26.06.2022 — 16:56 Uhr

Exceeding the coach's expectations

Svensson satisfied with the first week of pre-season training & the performance against FC Kiedrich

Bo Svensson and his coaching staff were pleased with how the team performed in Kiedrich.

Robin Zentner was visibly in a good mood following FSV Mainz 05’s friendly in his native Rheingau. The goalkeeper, like his teammate, stayed long after the final whistle to sign autographs and take selfies with the fans. 

Nearly 2,500 fans came by to watch the Zerofivers take on Kreisoberliga side FC Kiedrich in a friendly, which FSV won 21-0 at the Rheingau Stadion in Geisenheim. The day featured plenty of festivities to mark the host’s 100th anniversary. “It was great,” said Zentner, who was born in Eltville before growing in up Kiedrich. “It’s a really nice stadium,” said the 27-year-old. “Based on what they delivered today, it was definitely worth the visit.” 

...definitely worth the visit.

In particular, the younger fans in attendance will have enjoyed the day, despite having to watch their team concede 21 goals. “A result like that was to be expected, given the difference in leagues,” said Zentner. “A few goals here and there don’t really matter. It was probably pretty exhausting for Kiedrich, who had to call up several players from their reserves, but I think it was fun regardless. The result doesn’t matter to the lads.” 

A presence in the region 

The head coach also had only positive things to say about the visit to FSV’s partner club. “A game like this means a lot to us,” said Svensson. “To be able to have a presence in this region, and to enjoy the position that we have, means a lot to us. I think today was a great day for everyone.” 

Svensson saw his team’s performance as being a solid showing following the first week of pre-season training. “It was really good. We didn’t get any injuries and the team are in really good shape. I’m very satisfied,” he said. “I’m happy with where the team are currently at. We have a lot we want to achieve, so it’s good that we already have a foundation in place that we can work off of. We will continue to work on our fitness. I have to say, though, that the current state of the team has already exceeded my expectations. We have done running tests, and the data is looking good. That means that you can start focusing on other things. We are still trying to not do too much, too soon, but it’s not easy for myself or the lads.” 

That means that you can start focusing on other things. 

Robin Zentner and his teammates were happy to stick around after full time to sign autographs and meet the fans.

Academy players on the scoresheet

The friendly saw several academy players make their way onto the scoresheet, ones that Svensson had included in the first-team squad for pre-season. Marc Richter from the U19s and U23s opened the scoring in the first minute and also scored to make it 4-0. Danny Schmidt (5), Merveille Papela (3), Marcus Ingvartsen, Nelson Weiper, Ben Bobzien, Edimilson Fernandes (all 2 apiece), Kaito Mizuta, Keanu Kraft (both 1) all added their names onto the scoresheet. “The lads did a good job,” said Svensson, adding “I think that, regardless what age you are, you can play a part if you’re good enough. If you act the way that you’re expected too, off the pitch as well, then you’re always an option. We believe in these lads and will continue to observe.” 

For the younger players, the second week of pre-season will likely be harder than the first as the intensity rises and their tired legs will need to rise to the challenge. “Let’s see how they handle it,” said Svensson, who will be without Marlon Mustapha for the near future after picking up a pain in the sole of his foot on the first day. Delano Burgzorg is also still absent, but is making good progress. “We are looking at the data and are checking in on him every day, because we want to have him back as soon as possible. We need to be patient, but things are progressing better than expected,” said Svensson. 

New signings Maxim Leitsch and Anthony Caci made their debuts for FSV against Kiedrich. “Our first impression confirms that it was the right decision to sign them,” said the head coach, adding “However, I knew that already.” 

Mainz’s next pre-season friendly will see them take on recently promoted Regionalliga side, Wormatia Worms, in Guntersblum.