Pros 13.09.2021 — 17:19 Uhr


Satisfied Zerofivers analyse the victory in Hoffenheim soberly & emphasise what will continue to be important in the Mainz game in the future - Burkardt: "We don't care about third place".

Thanks to the fans: Goal scorer Burkardt after the second from Sinsheim.

Aggressive, disciplined and ice-cold in the opponent's sixteen, Mainz presented themselves on Saturday afternoon in the away victory in Hoffenheim. Unsurprisingly, the protagonists were also completely satisfied with the performance afterwards. While head of defence Stefan Bell emphasised that it had been fun "defending together", debutant and goalscorer Marcus Ingvartsen stated that he was happy to "be part of the team".

The voices of the Zerofivers from Kraichgau

Now Mainz and the surrounding area know why we got him

Martin Schmidt: "Surely we owed it to the fans to deliver a good game today after the Bochum game. They were back for the first time in the away end and it was a concentrated performance of will. We showed good pressing again and again and had three or four half chances at the beginning. The opening goal from Jonny was then very important. The fact that we kept a clean sheet for the third time in four games was the basis, the wonderful goal by Ingvartsen added to that. Now Mainz and the surrounding area know why we got him. We can build on the start, the development continues."

It's great to experience this atmosphere with our fans and to celebrate with them.

Marcus Ingvartsen: "We played very well and put Hoffenheim under pressure, had counter-attacks and chances again and again. They didn't have a shot on goal as far as I remember. I'm happy to be part of the team and hopefully we can continue like that. For the goal, Anton came down the right and I waited a bit to get the back pass. Then I had enough space and could put the ball into the corner. Great to experience this atmosphere with our fans and celebrate with them."

Stefan Bell: "It was a very good defensive performance from everyone on the pitch today and once again we got a brutal amount taken away from the backs and forwards. Hoffenheim had hardly any space to play through, we often doubled up and won the duels in the back line. So it was really fun to defend together. We have a couple of wild weeks behind us and have come through well in terms of points and performance. Next week we have another opponent coming to us on equal terms."'s all about our performances

Jonny Burkardt: "What makes the team so strong is that we have a good concept against the ball and keep the spaces tight. Everyone knows their job and executes it, that's what makes us. We knew that Hoffenheim would defend high and wanted to play quickly behind the chain, we managed to do that well a few times, like at 1-0. There I tried to lay the ball in well with the first contact and finish with the second - I managed that well. We don't care about third place, it's about our performance. If we deliver them, then we will get a lot of points."