Pros 17.11.2021 — 15:34 Uhr

Bungert in his new role: “Excitement pushes us all on”

Former Mainz 05 captain to take up new ambassadorial role

Bungert in the main stand at the Bruchwegstadion on Wednesday morning.

Niko Bungert had some wild times at Mainz 05. He made 166 top-flight and 32 Bundesliga 2 appearances during an 11-year stint as a first-team player, and following his retirement he took on roles as an assistant coach and as a trainee at the club. And that’s still not enough for him: the 35-year-old has now become a club ambassador, which will see him take on representative duties and help to raise interest for the club.

“The mood around Mainz 05 is really enthusiastic at the moment. A real team is growing together in the changing room and they are willing to leave it all out on the pitch and inspire the fans every week. The excitement pushes everyone linked with the club on and stands us in good stead for the future,” commented the former captain.

... Now I’m sensing that the old spirit is returning to the club

“Of course, we’ve been through some tough times in recent years, but now I’m sensing that the old spirit is returning to the club. It feels more like the 1. FSV Mainz 05 that I know and love: a special club who has a close relationship to its town and its fans, a club with a familiar personality, a distinct team ethos, and a real focus on inspiration and emotionality. I want to help the club maintain this personality, continue to drive this positive development forward and spread the Mainz message even further.”

Diverse job responsibilities

The newly-created role suits the former centre-back nicely: “Having completed my trainee programme I know the team and its departments well, and I’ll be carrying on a lot of the tasks I’ve been doing in recent months in this new role as club ambassador, including media interviews, representing the club at its community projects and at marketing campaigns, communicating with fans or meeting sponsors,” added Bungert. “I always felt that the club desperately needed some representation. And now I sense an opportunity to work closely with the other departments to develop new ideas and projects, and I look forward to doing anything I can to help make Mainz 05’s reputation even stronger.”

Nico is a player that all teams wish they had in their side

The journey from being a model professional to a face of the club was a logical step for Niko Bungert in the eyes of Christian Heidel. “Nico is a player that all teams wish they had in their side. A very passionate and professional player, who leads the group well in the dressing room, and beyond that, someone who is very considerate and interested in what’s going on in the team, the club and the whole city itself, and someone who is popular with the fans due to his open and communicative style,” said Mainz 05’s head of strategy, sport and communication. “It’s no wonder that we’ve already thought at length about what a future together could look like.”

From footballer to ambassador

This search has now resulted in Bungert being appointed as club ambassador. “I hope general interest in Mainz 05 and in our club representatives keeps growing, particularly from a sporting perspective. We are often unable to deal with enquiries on a more personal level due to the daily demands of life in the Bundesliga, but Niko can become a sympathetic and competent representative of the club as well as play an important role in conjunction with many of our club’s departments,” continued Heidel.