Pros 05.11.2019 — 17:16 Uhr

Apology? Saturday, on the pitch!

Schwarz demands a reaction from his team following the historic 8-0 disaster: “That is the only way we are going to be able to satisfy everyone”

"We must regain the conviction, with which the team has already played in certain matches" - Sandro Schwarz

That 8-0 loss to Leipzig, that “historic defeat”, as Sandro Schwarz described it, still hangs low over the Bruchweg. “What happened on Saturday is still painful. It isn’t forgotten in two or three days, because what we showed from the 25th minute was shameful and embarrassing.”

“It took us two days longer to get over Saturday”, Schwarz said during his obligatory media-rounds. “It hurts so much when you have to endure something like that. You travel home and you are ashamed. It still hurts now to see it in the faces [of the players] and in the faces of the fans standing there. I feel really bad myself, because I never could have imagined that we could get crushed like that, it was unthinkable.”

“However, before I am asked whether the coach and the team should apologise to the supporters,” said the 41-year-old, "our apology will not come in words, but with a great performance on the pitch. That is the only way we are going to be able to satisfy everyone. That is our task against Union Berlin on Saturday. And of course we have to show a reaction to the performance that we gave after Leipzig’s second goal”, said the FSV head coach. Schwarz continued, “by Saturday, we must regain the conviction, with which the team has already played in certain matches, like against Köln at home recently. A willingness to play lively football, that is the yardstick.”

Wrong approach

How do you assess a situation like this? “One option is totally out of the question”, Schwarz said, it would be wrong to “start questioning everything, to tear everything down and nail every one of us and every player to the wall. That is totally the wrong approach”, Schwarz explained. “Rather, nothing else remains but to completely evaluate and process the game in terms of what happened on the pitch. We were poor in that match and we didn’t do any of the things that we had spoken about and worked on in training. We must show more consistency on the day and we mustn’t forget what we can do.”

In his video analysis form the matchday, Schwarz only showed a few clips that, according to him, clearly represented the discrepancy between what had been practiced in training and what happened after the 25th minute of last Saturday’s match. “This is the second time something like this has happened to us, the other being the Bayern game. Twice against teams with a lot of quality. So, if we don’t have a chance to win, it is now about not doing those things we have already discussed [here today].”

“It’s all about the ‘how’”

“It has nothing to do with the team lacking quality or learning ability. They lose their heads in certain situations, and you think ‘what are they doing?’ You can see it in the pictures. Each and every one of them was so preoccupied with themselves that there was no togetherness”, said Schwarz. “It’s all about the ‘how’, regardless of the opposition. If the ‘how’ isn’t there, then we get less of what we want to see out on the pitch. It’s about regaining reliability. What I do during a match, I have to consistently do throughout 95 minutes. I need to remain clear and do what we have worked on before.”

He seemed well aware that he had already addressed this issue several times. “However, it is a process that we are going through. We have to stay on it and come out of this situation stronger”, explained the Zerofivers coach. “Against Union Berlin, we now have to show how we can deal with a defeat like this, and how we must get over it.”