Pros 07.09.2022 — 20:50 Uhr

Aarón: “You can feel if it is a good strike”

With his goal in Gladbach, the Spanish left-back helped FSV to a win. He talks about being pleased with his development and emphasises the importance of the fans.

Aarón (m.) celebrating with his teammates after scoring the winner in Mönchengladbach.

Before Aarón’s free-kick flew into the top corner during the away game against Borussia Mönchengladbach, not only Alexander Hack who was standing right next to him, and then immediately on hand to celebrate, knew that his teammate had struck the ball perfectly. The free-kick taker himself was also aware when he struck the ball that it was on the right path. "I am concentrating a lot when I hit the ball; you can feel if it is a good strike," said the Spaniard.

The Mainz left back madly celebrated his second Bundesliga goal together with his teammates and the fans. The first he scored, obviously also via a free-kick, in the home game against Leverkusen last season. Aarón emphasised that he practices set-piece situations like these regularly. “It was just a good strike, a good feeling. I am more pleased about being able to help the team to get a win than with the goal itself. It was a good game from us, which is different from the previous one against Leverkusen. That makes me happy.”

I am more pleased about being able to help the team to get a win than with the goal itself.

These are comments which would also please his coach, who would not measure the quality of a player in their goals, especially not in the case of Aarón, who plays at left-back. The 25-year-old has become indispensible in that position since his return from a loan to Celta Vigo last year and he has impressed both defensively and going forward with his reliability, technical ability, as well as strong crossing and set pieces. “I feel really good at the moment, with help from the team. I think that defensively and with the ball it was a strong performance from me in Gladbach. We also played well as a team overall. It is important that we feel good as a group,” said the full-back, who discounting his loan to Celta Vigo, has been at Mainz since 2018. He feels comfortable in Mainz and at FSV. He sees his development and that of the club as going in the right direction. “We have a strong mentality, it feels good. It helps me personally to get better every game and is also reflected on the pitch.”

Since his return from loan, the left-back has been a reliable figure within the team.

Happy with the support from the fans

The left-back also praised this mentality when looking back at the last two games, in particular the team’s reaction to the defeat against Leverkusen. “We brought what we’re capable of to the pitch right from the start as a team, were solid throughout, pressed well and showed that we wanted to win,” Aarón said. In the end, the win was not undeserved, even if Mainz’s only goal came from a free-kick. Dominik Kohr’s slide tackle to deny Gladbach an easy tap-in was also an important part of the match, or a “fantastic moment” as the left-back called it. “We were still well in the game, even outside that one moment, and thanks to Dome’s slide tackle we were able to stay in it.”

They are incredible, no matter if home or away.

Mainz travel to Hoffenheim on Saturday (15:30 CEST) with plenty of confidence, having won all three of their away games so far this season. Aarón is looking forward to playing in front of the more than 3,000 travelling fans in Sinsheim. “They are incredible, no matter if home or away, and really help us. We will fight to take all three points home with us,” he said. Against a “very strong” Hoffenheim side, it will be important to play with courage, a desire to win and to show a strong mentality, as in the previous away games this season. “We need to rely on our strengths,” he said.

Lots of potential

The Zerofivers are looking to build on their strong start to the campaign. “You have some good and some bad days, but I think that we can be satisfied with how we’ve started the season,” Aarón said. The team are taking it “game by game,” with the left-back adding: “We still have lots of potential and opportunities to improve.”