Pros 03.09.2019 — 15:12 Uhr

A small group, tight spaces and “positive impressions”

Mainz 05 have started into a new week of training. Head coach Sandro Schwarz gives an insight into the last few days and looks ahead to what’s still to come.

Due to the international break, Sandro Schwarz is training with a smaller group this week.

It didn’t take long to begin analysing and processing the match against Bayern München. Head coach Sandro Schwarz didn’t hesitate to rub salt in the wound in the dressing room as he addressed his team. On Sunday, it continued with video analysis of the match. The session, which normally takes place on Tuesday, was moved forward a few days. “It was important for us to reach the players who have since left to join their respective national teams during the international break,” Sandro Schwarz said during a press conference on Tuesday.

To start the week, Schwarz completed an hour-long training session with those players who remained in Mainz. Schwarz had just eight outfield players at his disposal for the session: Kunde Malong, Daniel Brosinski, Moussa Niakhaté, Jean-Paul Boëtius, Jonathan Meier, Jeremiah St. Juste, Aarón Martín and Levin Öztunali.

Joining them were two goalkeepers in Robin Zentner and Finn Dahmen. Flo Müller, Danny Latza and Alexander Hack each trained individually, while 11 first-team players are off on international duty.

A key element of the session was build-up play on a shortened pitch. “Training in tight spaces means that players have to deal with more stressful situations,” the head coach explained about the drill. According to Schwarz, this was especially important given the drop in performance after a strong opening 35 minutes in Munich, as the drill puts players under pressure while also allowing them to practise reacting to counter-attacks.

The first training session of the week also focused on switching the play on both offense and defense, as well as challenges and shots on goal. Despite having a smaller group this week, Schwarz is choosing to focus on the positives. “I think that it’s a good thing that those on international duty will have the chance to find themselves in a new environment in order to come back with a positive impression, as well as returning fit and healthy.”