Pros 06.12.2020 — 15:28 Uhr


The voices from Bielefeld


Glimmer of hope: Kevin Stöger brought Mainz back into the game late on.

Although Kevin Stöger's goal gave hope to the Zerofivers, in the end it was a consolation in a 1-2 defeat. After three games without defeat, Mainz left the pitch as losers, while the hosts won for the first time since the second match of the season. The Mainz players were dejected after the final whistle.

Voices from the Alm

Rouven Schröder: "I do believe that we were a few percentage points off. But such a game can be explained to a certain extent. We had big chances to take the lead, then you approach the game differently. Instead, we fell behind, which we should have defended much better. We set ourselves a lot of goals during the break, but we didn't get clear chances or any real pressure on Bielefeld. Nevertheless, we still had the chance through Mateta to equalise late on. Basically, it's super annoying to take nothing at all with you when you're in direct competition. At the end of the day we are very disappointed.

Kevin Stöger: "I think it was a difficult game as we expected, in which we couldn't play the way we had imagined. Nevertheless we had two or three very good opportunities. Bielefeld didn't really get in front of our goal, but still took a 2-0 lead. The second half was different, we had a lot of ball possession and some half-chances. The goal came at a favourable time, but in the end it was too late. The fact that we left the pitch as losers is very annoying".

Robin Zentner: "We were unfortunate to fall behind due to a deflected goal and easy mistakes led it to be 0-2. We have to do better than that. After the break we had a lot of the ball, but failed to create many compelling chances. Our goal came too late, in the end we were unlucky not to have another one slip in.

Alexander Hack: "In the initial phase, we could have made the decision ourselves. But all in all, we have to say that we  conceded two stupid goals because we didn't push out early enough. It's our fault that we let our opponent score in this way. Bielefeld then lurked for counterattacks, we played better in the second half and tried to attack. If we play clean and straightforward football, we will win such games".