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Voronin Is Coming to Mainz

An interview with the former 05er Andrey Voronin

After the visit from Aristide Bancé (with the FC Augsburg), Andrey Voronin, another former goal-getter for the 05ers, returns to Mainz on Saturday.

Hello Andrey, it's nice to see you again in Mainz, your old football hometown. Is it special to be back here or has it all become routine after a few returns since your time with the FSV almost ten years ago?

Andrey Voronin: “No, it's not just another match. I'm always pleased when I can make it to Mainz, as a player or guest, it's always something special. I had three wonderful years in Mainz. I had and still have friends here. I also haven't seen the new stadium yet. I'm very much looking forward to the fans and the atmosphere. They were legendary back then and they will certainly be the same on Saturday.”

What's your assessment of the development of Mainz 05 since your departure? Have you followed the 05ers?

Andrey Voronin: “I didn't watch every match but of course I followed the club and kept an eye on the what the FSV was up to. I was happy to see them promoted, especially in the year after my departure. Back then, I was relegated with Cologne and the 05ers won a promotion under Kloppo [Jürgen Klopp]. I was even at the promotion party – I still knew everyone on the team and Kloppo and Christian Heidel invited me. So, yeah, I was at that legendary party (laughs). Back then, no one probably expected that Mainz 05 would maintain their spot in the Bundesliga for so long. The 05ers have done their business really well, back then with Klopp and now with Tuchel. The new stadium is also an incredible step – the club's development is impressive.”

How different is the 2012 footballer Andrey Voronin in comparison with the footballer who scored 20 Zweitliga goals for Mainz 05 in 2002-2003?

Andrey Voronin: “Mainz 05 was my spring board and I was able to jump pretty high after my contract with Mainz. I had a lot of fun playing football, especially the last two years, when I played under Jürgen Klopp. I was young. I wanted to play for a bigger club and win titles. Harald Strutz told me at that time that I'd play with a bigger club if I did everything right. Then, when I signed my contract with Liverpool, I remembered exactly what he told me. I remember relatively a lot from back then. There's just a lot of stories that I'll never forget. Now I've played several years somewhere else, in England, in the World Cup and the in the EURO, I had long hair and now it's short, but I'm still the old Andrey. Just a little older (laughs).”

What are you expecting in the match on Saturday?

Andrey Voronin: “It's always difficult to play against Mainz 05, especially at home, when one has to deal with the stadium atmosphere. Of course, we are going to give it our all to bring back points to Dusseldorf and to make a positive impression in the Coface Arena. I think it's going to be a very interesting match for the fans. May the best team win.”

Ticketing Information:

There are still tickets available (standing and seated) for those who want to witness the return of Andrey Voronin. Get yours in the 05er FanShop in the Coface Arena, per telephone at 06131-375500, or in the Online-Ticketshop.

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